If you’re in the market for a new electric, wireless dog fence, you’ve probably noticed the host of options available. To make that easier, we’ve put together a list of the four best options we’ve found for invisible dog fences available in 2018.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Dog Fence

As you look into an invisible, wireless dog fence, you should consider a few key things.

1. Features

Since there are dozens of wireless fences out there, the features offered by the brand and specific model will affect your decisions. If one is rechargeable, and another isn’t, you’ll need to know that, and how the non-rechargeable fence works differently, if it does.

Keep in mind things like whether or not the collar or other aspects of the system are water-proof, and if you’ll need to bury the fence, or purchase additional wire to reach the perimeter distance you’ll ultimately need.

2. Cost

Of course, the cost is an important part of what you’re looking at before you buy. It needs to meet your budget, but it also needs to be worth the price difference from the competitor if you’re looking at something a bit more expensive.

3. Radius

This is probably the most important factor in your purchasing decision on the best wireless dog fence for your pooch. Make sure you know the dimensions of your yard or acreage before investing in an invisible fence for dogs.

Which are the Best Wireless Dog Fences?

Choice 1: PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Fence Pet Containment System

PetSafe is one of the best brands on the market for electric dog fences. The PIF 300 is probably their best offering. It’s received the top rating on multiple sites across the web.

This system can be purchased for a single dog home, or for up to three dogs running on one system. The size of the system will vary the price as you look for this versatile invisible pet fence.

The PetSafe PIF-300 for a single dog is waterproof. In addition, it can use either static or tone correction. It even covers up to a half acre of yard. Other systems may vary in acreage covered. Many dogs quickly adapt to the system and require little training with it to help keep them safe.

Choice 2: PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

Designed for dogs that weigh five pounds or more, the PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence is one of the easiest systems to use. This system includes a small, portable unit that you plug into an outlet inside your home. There are no fences to bury with this one. There are five static and one tone-only training setting for this wireless fence system.

The Stay and Play from PetSafe includes a waterproof collar and covers three-quarters of an acre of land. The perimeter can also be expanded with additional wireless transmitters.

To add additional pets, simply purchase more collars. There is no limit to the number of dogs that can use this system.

Choice 3: SportDog Brand 100 Acres In-Ground Fence System

If you’ve got a lot of land, this is the best in-ground pet fence system you could invest in. With massive coverage over 100 acres, your dog is sure to stay safe within its bounds. The SportDog offers both sound and vibration training and can be set for either long or short-haired breeds.

The collars with the SportDog Fence system are water-proof. In addition,  you have only to purchase extra collars to protect multiple dogs in the system.

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A necessary feature for such a large coverage area is the wire break feature that makes for easy identifying of any breaks in the wires. The wire for the system also comes in double the gauge of the standard system, for additional strength and endurance.

Choice 4: DogTek Electronic Dog Fence System EF4000

The DogTek Electronic Dog Fence System EF4000 comes with a great feature that sets it apart from the others: eight levels of static training for your dog. For dogs that tend to be a little more stubborn or slower to learn, this is a great system to help with that.

You can set this system for both long and short-haired dogs. In addition, you can set is for as many dogs as you like. Just purchase additional collars. The DogTek covers up to five acres of land. However, you’ll need to purchase additional wire to cover that much ground.

Easy and Safe-to-Use Fence for Your Dog

Wireless dog fences can be one of the best tools you can use to help protect your dog. Whether you live in the city or the countryside on a farm, a wireless fence could keep your dog from getting into the street or getting lost.

Be sure to keep in mind the perimeter and features offered. And, of course, the price as you examine each one. This will help you choose the best wireless dog fence for your home.