As you bring a new puppy, or adopted dog home, one of the most important things you’ll do is name him or her. But sometimes it can be tough finding just the right name.

We’ve pulled together our ultimate list of dog names, and offer some tips on how to choose the right name for your pooch.

How to Choose a Dog Name

dog running towards its owner after hearing its name derived from an ultimate list of dog names

There are a few important things to remember as you choose a name for your new dog or puppy.

Go for Short Names

If you want to go elaborate for your dog’s name, like some of us have with full titles and proper surnames, be sure to make sure that some form of your dog’s name is short, and easy to call out. Dog’s respond better to short names than they do long, drawn-out ones.

Never Go with a Name that Sounds Similar to a Command

If your dog’s name sounds too close to a command, she will get confused and may not respond properly to the command. Or worse, she may think she’s always on alert when you call her name.

Use Strong Consonants

Dogs hear sounds in higher frequencies pretty well. Giving him or her a name that starts with S, for example, will help to get her attention. The best consonants and sounds to use include:

  • K
  • Ch
  • Sh
  • S
  • K
  • T
  • D
  • G as a “J” sound
  • C as an “S” sound
  • J
  • X

Use Common Sense

You’ll be calling to your dog in public, or telling the vet your pup’s name. Don’t use any names that are embarrassing for yourself or others. Avoid curse words that would be inappropriate for children to say, for example, and avoid any terms that may be considered derogatory or insulting.

Use a Similar Sounding Name

If you’re renaming a new full-grown dog or puppy that’s had other owners that used her name a lot, choose a new name that sounds somewhat similar to her original name. For instance, if a dog is originally named Binky, don’t call her Spot. Use a name that feels more like the original, for example Pinkie, Mikey, or others that have similar vowel sounds and syllables.

Let your Kids Help

If you’re getting the dog for your kids, let them help pick the name. Be sure to, again, apply common sense and avoid culturally inappropriate names or names that will be awkward to use in public.

Test it Out

Use the name you’ve chosen for a couple of days. If she doesn’t respond at all, try another name for a little while. There should be some kind of response or reaction to a name before you settle on it for sure.

Choose a Name You Love

Make sure that your dog’s name is one that you love. You’ve got a little time to decide, so don’t settle too soon, or you may come to regret it.

Our Ultimate List of Dog Names

man holding a dog tag bearing the dog's name derived from the ultimate list of dog names

Image: CC BY 2.0, Jim Kelly, via Flickr.

We’ve searched tons of sites and inserted the best names we’ve ever heard for dogs. Pick one, or let the list inspire some creativity on your part.

Male Dog Names

The best boy names that we found are:

1. Willis

2. Titus

3. Granite

4. Kingston

5. Cedar

6. Buddy

7. Buster

8. Remington

9. Pippin

10. Pierce

11. Reggie

12. Spike

13. Percy

14. Archie

15. Jasper

16. Champ

17. Baker

18. Clark

19. Bandit

20. Benji

21. Axel

22. Barker

Female Dog Names

Our absolute favorite names for girl dogs include:

23. Tootsie

24. Nola

25. Sadie

26. Blossom

27. Sage

28. Chloe

29. Katie

30. Kendra

31. Kiesha

32. Asta

33. Gracie

34. Sally

35. Charming

36. Tulip

37. Teacup

38. Maizy

39. Molly

40. Jenny

41. Josie

42. Buttercup

43. Addie

44. Ginger

45. Jessica Rabbit

46. Lacie

47. Lark

48. Kona

49. Misty

50. Daisy

51. Lady

52. Rosie

53. Roxy

54. Ruby

55. Missy

56. Hannah

57. Cleo

58. Callie

59. Brandy

60. Bella

61. Tessa

62. Jasmine

63. Hazel

64. Sasha

Gender Neutral Names

And if you’re not sure you want something so distinctly male versus female, these gender neutral names are great.

65. Toffee

66. Angel

67. Aster

68. Speckles

69. Sammy

70. Bitsy

71. Honey Bun

72. Marshmallow

73. Snuggle Bug

74. Sprinkles

75. Nova

76. Jovial

77. Charlie

78. Jazz

79. Jersey

80. Jinx

81. Laser

82. Latte

83. Dawson

84. Robin

85. Rooster

86. Marley

87. Carson

88. Mocha

89. Cuppie

90. Peanut

91. Pebbles

92. Nicky/Nikki

93. Kelly

94. Stevie

95. Stunner

96. Mojo

97. Teaser

98. Ace

99. Jax

100. Jackie

Narrowing Down the List

Remember, the key thing is loving the name you choose. If your dog responds to the new name, your kids can pronounce it, and you’ll love posting Instagram photos of your pup by name, then you’ve found a winner.