Traveling with dogs can be a challenging experience for both you and your pets. Some tips can help the adventure be more enjoyable for the both of you though.

When it’s time for a family vacation, you can’t leave any of the members of your family out, especially your dog. If they are not used to the transportation method that you are planning on using, here are some ideas on how to travel with a dog needs in mind. This way, traveling with a dog will look more of a vacation than of responsibility.

6 Tips to Make Your Travel with Your Dog Flawless

1. Visit the Vet Before Going on Vacation with Your Pet

Make sure that you make an appointment to take your dog to the vet before you take them anywhere. It is crucial that they have a check-up before an adventure like this. So, you should schedule a visit just to make sure that they are in good health.

Check to see if your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. Also, ask your veterinarian if your dog requires any other shots for threats present at, or on the way to your vacation destination. Also, get an up to date copy of your dog’s medical records. You may need them if you are planning air travel. This is the time to grab any extra medication they might need as well.

2. Plan, Plan, and Then Plan Some More

If you are planning on traveling with dogs in a car, map out your route. Also, include pit stops for every three or four hours. You can find interesting places to stop that are pet-friendly for everyone to enjoy. Seek out lodging that will welcome your dog with open arms. This will likely require that you contact many different hotels and motels to find one that allows dogs. Make sure your dog’s leash is sturdy, and their ID tag includes all the necessary current information.

Pack a bag with everything your pet could need during your vacation. Here is a list to get you started:

  • Your dog’s regular food;
  • Water and food dish;
  • Bedding;
  • Your dog’s favorite toys;
  • Brush, comb, and other grooming supplies;
  • Pet first-aid kit;
  • Medications.

This list is not a complete. So you should spend time thinking about traveling with a dog and what items they might need for this extended stay away from home.

3. Traveling with Dogs in the Car

You can prepare for traveling with dogs by going on short trips before your departure. Going outside and exercising your dog before you leave will help them rest when the time comes to leave. Avoid feeding your dog before a ride and make sure that you have a crate to help keep them calm. The car must be well ventilated so your dog can get fresh air in the crate. At every stop make sure that your dog gets some water.

Do not turn the radio up loud. If you are a parent, make sure that your children are not bothering your dog during the trip. The last thing that your dog needs is to be bothered while they are trying to relax for the long voyage. Make sure that they have something comfortable to lay on in their crate and a couple of chew toys for when they get bored. If your dog is extremely uneasy, put a blanket over the crate. This way it can’t see what is going on around them. It will likely calm down before long and fall asleep.

4. Traveling with Dogs on Planes

Check with different airlines to find out what their pet policy is. Such a dog is sensitive to any noise it hears. Some airlines refuse to transport any animals during extremely cold or hot weather. It is likely that they will require you to present health certification. A large breed dog can be more difficult. But traveling with a small dog on a plane isn’t that hard of a process. Also remind a flight attendant that you have a pet every hour. It might seem like you’re being a bore, but it’s their job and your dog’s health is on the line.

Some airlines allow them to be placed in a crate right under your seat. Your larger dog will remain in a crate in another area of the plane for the duration of the trip. It will be reunited with you when the plane touches down.

Feed your dog six hours before take-off and try not to let them drink large amounts of water. Remember that your pet feeds from your emotions so, even if you are, don’t let your pet sense that you are upset or worried. Stay calm, and they will follow your lead.

dog in desert

5. Medication Options for Keeping Your Dog Calm

If you discuss this with your veterinarian, they can offer you a myriad of doggy downers to help them stay calm or sleep throughout the trip.

Some dogs have a strong aversion to different forms of travel. Therefore, they can be much more manageable if they are medicated. You shouldn’t do this often though, and you should avoid it for good if possible.

6. Find a Kennel

No matter how well you plan, it is possible that something could come up. Someone may not allow your dog to join you during certain events. Have the number for a dog kennel in your phone just in case something unpredictable happens. You shouldn’t have to give up doing something that you want to do because you can’t take your dog. Drop them off for a short stay at a kennel while you visit landmarks or places that are not dog-friendly. That way everyone is happy.

Packing Up

Taking your dog on vacation is a lot of fun but can be quite stressful. Make sure that you prepare yourself and your pet before leaving. These tips will give you a start on handling the responsibility of traveling with dogs.

Keep this in mind as the time comes for your family vacation this year. Plan to travel with dog issues in mind and solve all of them.

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