Every animal lover and pet owner wonders what their animal companions get up to when left to their own devices. The Secret Life of Pets offers a hilarious and touching take on some possibilities.

This movie is a must-see for everyone that has had an animal of any kind to touch their lives. The Secret Life of Pets may also shed some highly entertaining insight on how our pets think.

The Cast of Characters and Why They’re Important

The Secret Life of Pets is an animated feature-length film set mainly in New York City with an impressive and talented cast of voice actors. The actors lending their voices bring these characters to life. One can easily see the player matching the character to an extent. Casting did an excellent job finding the right fit. The animations looked almost real in a lot of places. The realism of the graphics is a testament to how wonderful technology has become, and at the same time reminding us that talent is just as important as it ever was.

  • Anna, played by Ellie Kemper, and Max, played by Louis K., start us off on the journey to what may be the secret life of pets.
  • Max and Katie have a perfect life, until Duke, Eric Stonestreet, joins their perfect little family and disrupts everything Max holds sacred. Katie has no idea that the secret life of pets, her pets, will lead to some crazy adventures. We will meet some spot-on characters throughout the movie.
  • Nearly every animal that could be a pet in some way is represented in highly impressive Kevin Hart stands out as Snowball, the adorably-gangster white bunny with some serious lockpicking and leadership skills.
  • Gidget (Jenny Slate) is the fancy neighbor dog that has a serious crush on Max. But he doesn’t want to admit it.

As the story progresses, we meet a host of other characters. Not to spoil everything right away, we will refrain from uncovering too much too fast. There will be spoilers, so you should watch The Secret Life of Pets full movie before you proceed. The story doesn’t have huge spoilers, but it is still a very fun watch.

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What Do Our Pets Do When We’re Not Around?

The Pets and the Movie

What is it that these lovable furballs (or scary ones!) do when we go off to work or school, or even outside for just a few minutes without them? The secret life of pets is unknown to us unless we have a camera on them. Many may have actually watched the pets when not home via a home monitoring phone app. It is a fascinating glimpse into their secret life of pets world. So anyone may have a personalized version of Secret Life of Pets on demand. However, they mostly sleep.

It would be fun to try to watch The Secret Life of Pets and to be able to compare it to one’s pets. The critters in the movie get up to a lot of wrong. It makes for great entertainment but plants a few seeds of worry into the human brain. The Secret Life of Pets makes you wonder if you really should babyproof your home and install bars on the windows!

The Impact on Pet Owners

The emotional impact The Secret Life of Pets usually has it to be very touching. A dog or animal lover sees what seems like a realistic view into animal emotions. Even though it is just a cartoon, it can be humbling. This is because many of us do not think about how animals actually feel about certain things.

As it is an animation, the purpose of the movie is, of course, to entertain. However, there have been books published on the ethics of dogs after the film was released. A YouTube video of a dog left home alone became viral soon after this.

Many people humanize their pets. A lot of the owners find that wrong. Meanwhile, others wonder why is that not right. Let’s look into the movie. The spoiled cat of the apartment building, Chloe (Lake Bell), is pretty much in charge the way cats usually are. Most of the pets of the secret life of pets movie are pampered. The sewer animals are another story. The flushed pets and the dog catcher make you want to go out and adopt more animals.

The Story

The scary adventure starts when Max meets Duke, whom Katie unexpectedly brings home. She adopted him from the dog pound. Max tries to run him off because he fears that he will replace him. For a moment, Max can exert his dominance. Until Duke outsmarts him while out at the dog park.

They end up fighting a gang of cats, headed by a hairless cat after Duke tries to leave Max there. Then the primary enemy appears, the dog catcher. They manage to escape with the unexpected help of a tattooed pig and a white bunny rabbit. The catch is that they must convince them that they’re hardcore and hate humans.

Max and Duke follow Snowball and his crew into the sewers, where the flushed pets ended up. They are ragtag and vicious and despise domesticated animals and humans alike. Max accidentally kills one of the famous friends of the gang, so they turn on him. He and Max must find a way out of there.

While they are escaping, Gidget is spearheading a search party of Max’s friends to locate him. She loves him and will stop at nothing to see to his safe return. She also makes some highly unlikely friends along the way. Friends like Tiberius (voiced by Albert Brooks) that want nothing more than to eat her and her friends. His want for friends wins out against his desire for a tasty dog morsel. They solve their differences and find their guys. Everyone is home, and no owner is none the wiser.

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After the Credits

The Secret Life of Pets may be just an animation. But it teaches us to watch and listen. Our pets give us cues that we often take for granted. So, after you take care of their physical needs, you should love them and pay attention.

Have you watched the movie? What do you think of it?

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