Are You Looking For Some Awesome Gear For Your Service Dog?

Service dogs are essential animals to have around. Some of the benefits of having a service dog include:

  • Relieve anxiety.
  • Help people get over speech disorders.
  • Help those with dementia with simple acts such as retrieving items.
  • Help autistic children communicate in a better way.
  • Act as the eyes for blind people, and more.

Service dogs work tirelessly to ensure that our lives are better. It is only right that we pay them back.
So how can we do this?

Buying a vest is a great idea. More importantly, your dog will love it.

Benefits of a Service Dog Vest

Service dog vest have a multitude of benefits for both the dog and the dog owner. There are a few things, however, to consider before you picking a vest your dog. They may include:

  • The kind of tasks your dog engages in.
  • The functionality of the vest.
  • The way your dog handles the warm weather.

Here are some of the benefits of buying a service dog vest for your dog:

1. Keeping Your Dog Warm
When its freezing and you have to go out with your dog, ensure that both of you are warm enough. A service dog vest will do a good job in keeping the cold away.
Unlike other types of pug gears, this gear will enable your dog moves freely. It’s especially important for dogs with a thin coat of fur.

2. Keeping Your Dog Cool
To regulate your dog’s body temperature in warm weather, you need a mesh vest. Most service dog vests are made of lightest materials that allow them to stay cool even on a hot day outside.
This is a multi-weather dog vest that your dog should have.

3. Visible and Easy to Change
Dog vests must have Velcro patches to make for visibility purposes, and this will greatly reduce the likelihood of an accident. With a service dog vest, you can be assured you’re safe all day long.
The vest also easy to put on your dog – a kindergarten kid can do it.

4. Functionality
Service dog vests have a D-ring from which you can attach a leash. This means that you won’t need other harnesses or collars to keep your dog in check.
In addition, you may want your pugs gear to be in a specific color. Service dog vests come in all colors – you can’t miss something you’ll like.

The Various Types of Service Dog Vest:

The type of service dog vest you buy depends on what purpose you intend to use it for. Before you buy one, however, ensure you consider:

  • The type of dog you have
  • Pocketability
  • Weather conditions in your area
  • Color

The following are some service dog vest you are likely to come across:

service dogs - two english cocker spaniels wearing vests on white background

1. Cape Vests
Worn by any size of dog, capes, usually cover the dog’s shoulders and back. Attached to it, are straps that run around the dog’s belly and chest to hold it in place. This is a common vest that you’ll mostly find in dog training centers.

2. Cape Harness
Although similar to the capes vests, cape harness is usually made to be sturdier. They may have a handle and have the D-rings at the sides. Ensure you find a cape harness that can fit your dog.

3. Pulling Harness
If your dog helps you in pulling wagons or wheelchairs, then what you need is a pulling harness. This type of vest comes padded for extra comfort. Never use your dog for a task that it cannot perform.

4. Harnesses That Act As Braces and Aid in Mobility
This type of vest is best worn by people who need assistance with their balancing, walking, or ambulatory work. Their design is not just ergonomic but it’s also equipped with a handle or pull strap. You need to ensure that the harness fits properly to enhance safety.

Additional Products Your Service Dog Needs

1. A comfortable dog bed: It’s crucial for a service dog to get a good night’s rest, as they have a big job ahead of them the next day! It may be a good idea to choose an orthopedic bed.

2. Healthy dog food: Giving your service dog a proper diet is going to do wonders for their alertness and overall health. Check with your veterinarian to figure out the best option for your dog.

3. Vest patches: While a vest will be perfectly fine on its own, you can add a patch stating the type of service dog yours is, along with a “no-petting” statement. This will leave out any questions as to whether or not they are a service dog.

4. Interactive toys: Playtime will help your dog get rid of any energy they have pent up from throughout the day. Plus, it will help them sleep better!

5. Service dog I.D.: Again, this isn’t necessary, but you can get an I.D. that states all of the rights associated with service dogs from the ADA. It can be a lifesaver when it comes to TSA agents or store owners questioning you.

6. A high-quality collar, leash, and harness: Because a service dog is leashed up all day long, it’s essential to have high-quality gear. They have a longer leash time than any other dog.

Get Your Service Dog Vest Today

When selecting the perfect service dog vest for your beloved animal, ensure that you choose a high-quality, durable, and more importantly, a comfortable vest. A service dog will work well only if it is comfortable. Your dog’s type of work should also be a key deciding factor. Don’t forget about what your dog likes too.
These factors will help you get the best vest for your dog.