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Your furry family member means a lot to you, and it's just as important for your canine to have good, healthy food as it is for you! Good food means a long life, plenty of energy, and fewer trips to the vet. Our Pure Balance dog food review takes a look at this popular brand of healthy dog food to find out just what's in it and whether it's really perfect for your pooch.

No Pure Balance dog food review would be complete without a look at a few solid competitors, so we've chosen three other popular natural dog foods to compare with Pure Balance. It can be a little unnerving worrying whether you've chosen precisely the right food your dog; hopefully this Pure Balance dog food review will make things easier.

What Do Dogs Need?

What does your dog really need to eat? Dogs are different from people, and while we all love giving Fido or Fluffy a bit of a treat off the table, what we should love more is giving them food we know is good for them.

Where We're the Same

We all need protein in the form of amino acids, certain essential vitamins and minerals, and fats. We also all, human and canine, produce certain enzymes that let us break down fiber and grain carbohydrates.

Where We're Different

Here's where things get interesting. We humans only require eight essential amino acid proteins; dogs need nine. We humans have to watch our cholesterol; this doesn't matter much to our canines, and dogs need plenty of saturated fat.

Additionally, while we do both have enzymes to digest fiber and grains, humans have 80% more of these than our pups do. What does that mean? It means they can't handle nearly as much carbohydrate and fiber of this type without stomach trouble. Think of grains as “emergency backup” food for dogs. They can digest it if there's nothing else, but that's not supposed to be their primary food and it's not what they thrive on.

Finally, dogs have to eat meat. They need it for their teeth. They extract almost all their vitamins and minerals from it, and their bodies do this very efficiently. We humans can get plenty of vitamins and minerals from fibrous and grain-based foods that our dogs can't tolerate

What Should Their Food Look Like?

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Great dog food should have plenty of fatty acids, twice as much protein as humans would eat in the same amount of food, and carbohydrates that come only from fermentable fibers. It also needs plenty of fat: where humans will often “carbo-load” before exercise, dogs need to “fat-load.” This is especially important if your dog works hard.

And, of course, it also needs to be tasty! We know how picky our pups can be, so in our Pure Balance dog food review, we're considering the flavor variety you and your pet have to choose from.

What Is Pure Balance Food for Dogs?

Our Pure Balance dog food review starts with a look at what Pure Balance is meant to offer. The line of foods comes in different recipes so you can find something your particular doggo will be happy to eat. All the ingredients are pure and naturally sourced; another major plus if you want your dog to have the best.

One of the best things about this dog food is how easy it is to find. You can source this from Amazon and get it at all kinds of big box stores and pet stores. Some natural dog foods can be tricky to find when you need them, so we love this feature of Pure Balance.

Pure Balance Dog Food Review: Detailed Specs

Ok, so what's in this stuff? Let's break it down.


Pure Balance recipes average about 23% protein. This is great, and our Pure Balance dog food rev20iew has ascertained that most of that protein comes from real meat like salmon, chicken, and bison. There is also a bit of chicken meat. Some of the protein comes from the dried ground peas, which is not ideal. Overall, however, this is great in terms of protein for your dog.


This food is packed with omega fatty acids that your dog needs to be the healthy, happy pet you want him or her to be. The fat comes from fish, poultry fat, sunflower oil, and flaxseed. It's worth noting that certain recipes in the line have added omega fatty acids, which is great if you have a hard-working dog.


The primary carbohydrate in this food is pea protein. There's also tapioca, beet pulp, carrots, and flaxseed. Some recipes have rice, and others are grain-free. There's plenty of choice depending on what you want your dog to eat.

Flavor Choices

Companies come out with new flavors all the time, and there are too many recipe choices to go over in detail here in this Pure Balance dog food review. However, we can tell you about the five most popular choices:

Grain-Free Salmon and Pea

This recipe features salmon, pea, and carrots, has added antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, and contains no fillers or grain. This is meant for all medium to large dogs.

W​ild and Free, Pea and Venison

Wild and Free is another grain-free offering from Pure Balance, but Wild and Free is specifically designed for really picky eaters.

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Lamb and Brown Rice

This particular food is geared with the sensitive dog's stomach in mind. There is no corn or wheat or anything else liable to cause an upset. Instead, there's just brown rice, lamb, and other ingredients known to be easy on a dog's stomach.

Pure Balance 95%

This is a wet dog food for those dogs who just won't be happy with dry alone. It comes in chicken & turkey, chicken, or beef. It has no corn, wheat, soy, or gluten. The chicken and chicken/turkey flavors come with sweet potatoes, peas, and gravy. The beef features sun-dried tomatoes, carrots, and gravy.

Grain-Free Small Breed Chicken and Garden

This is made especially with the needs of little dogs in mind and has no fillers or grains. The idea is to help your small breed dog gain muscle and keep off fat (always a danger with our beloved smaller pups).


The cheapest food on our list runs just under four dollars a pound. The most expensive was about seven dollars a pound. Prices are going to vary depending on the quality of ingredients and by recipe. For our Pure Balance dog review, we chose salmon recipes from each brand. This is typically the most expensive flavor, while chicken is the cheapest.

How It Compares

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For our Pure Balance dog food review, we chose three other popular natural food brands to compare to Pure Balance. They are:

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Dry Dog Food,
  • Nutro Wild Frontier Vital Prey Wet Dog Food
  • Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Pure Balance Food for Dogs

Pure Balance Grain Free DogFood Chicken & Pea Recipe Food for Dogs...
  • Real Chicken is the first ingredient
  • No Grains, Corn , Wheat or Soy
  • Natural ingredients with added vitamins & minerals
  • Nutritional Value
  • What Buyers Liked
  • Variety

There are plenty of recipe choices, so there's no lack of variety. If your pooch likes to mix it up, you can buy variety packs. If your pet will only eat one kind, you can choose their favorite among many different flavors.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Denali Dinner with Wild Salmon Venison &...
  • Made with the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals
  • High-quality wild salmon, venison, halibut and crab meal supply the protein your dog needs
  • Sweet potatoes, peas and potatoes provide healthy complex carbohydrates

Blue Buffalo is one of the most economical grain-free dog foods out there. The recipe comes with two-part kibble processed at very low temps to make sure that nutrients don't degrade. It contains high-quality protein from real meat and added DHA and omega fatty acids for healthy joints, coats, eyes, and teeth.

Blue Buffalo comes in dry and wet; Basics for dogs with sensitive tummies; Life Protection for dogs with more needs; and even a line of crunchy grain-free treat biscuits that dogs do seem to really love.

  • Nutritional Value
  • What Buyers Liked
  • Variety

There are lots of choices here, so you should have no trouble finding something your picky pooch is willing to eat. You can get salmon, chicken, beef, lamb, and varieties for pickier or more sensitive eaters.

​Nutro Wild Frontier Vital Prey Wet Dog Food

NUTRO 792244 4 lbs Wild Frontier Vital Prey Dry Dog Food - Beef & Wild...
  • This high protein recipe will help support your dog’s strong, lean body
  • Made with 60% animal ingredients
  • This natural pet food with vital prey satisfies your dog’s hunger and natural desire

This company offers both canned and dry dog foods that animals go wild for. It has more protein and fat and fewer carbohydrates than any of the other foods we looked at, and almost all of their ingredients come from small farms.

If you don't see immediate good results from your switch to Nutro, they offer a money-back guarantee. You also get their special patented combination of fatty acids, B vitamins, zinc, and linoleic acid.

  • Nutritional Value
  • What Buyers Liked
  • Variety

This food features a healthy, appropriate balance of nutrients from high-quality sources. This is as good as it gets.

​Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Natures Variety Instinct Raw Boost Chicken Dog 21#Repl 699441
  • Cage-Free Chicken is the First Ingredient - high-protein kibble for strong, lean muscles
  • Freeze-Dried Raw - All-Natural, Minimally processed bites of Real Chicken
  • Probiotic Boost - Guaranteed levels of Live, Natural probiotics for digestive health

This is the most expensive of the foods we looked at, but also one of the most highly rated. This food comes in standard kibble, frozen bites, raw boost, limited ingredient versions, and refrigerated raw food. The Raw Boost is meant to be a supplement to the fresh raw food.

Raw Boost has lots of protein, no grains, nothing artificial, and no product meals. It is only minimally processed and all the protein is from cage-free or grass-fed sources. The only real drawback to this food is the price.

  • Nutritional Value
  • What Buyers Liked
  • Variety

There isn't quite as much variety here as some of the other brands offer, but there's still plenty. And since the recipes themselves feature such fresh food, dogs tend to love it without needing too many flavor choices.


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Wrapping up our Pure Balance dog food review, we have to give Pure Balance 4.5 out of 5 stars. What we admire (no pun intended) is their balance. Are there cheaper foods out there? Yes, but they do not have anything like the quality that Pure Balance offers. Are there more nutritionally perfect foods out there? Yes, but they aren't anywhere near as affordable as Pure Balance.

When it comes to a balance of nutrition you can feel safe and proud to give your dog and a price you can feel good about spending on a regular basis, Pure Balance has your bases covered.