It’s not hard to fall in love with a puppy. Although puppies require a lot of work, they eventually grow into amazing family companions. This article discusses the top ways to celebrate your puppy, listed by the importance and direct impact to your pup.

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Puppy

1: Vaccinate Your Pup

a vet vaccinating a puppy

The ultimate celebration of your baby dog’s life is to extend it. Getting your pup vaccinated isn’t the most fun way to celebrate the new addition to your family, but it is the most important. Puppies are especially susceptible to harmful, even lethal diseases. Before you adopt, set aside additional cash for your puppy’s first vet visit.

A veterinarian will perform a general wellness check, fecal test, and will administer life-saving shots, such as the Bordatella, Parainfluenza, Distemper, Leptospirosis, and DHPP vaccine, which protects your dog against parvo. Parvo is almost always lethal and can be contracted from any infected dog or feces your pup comes into contact with.

If it is over 12 weeks, you may need to begin the rabies vaccine as well. Like parvo, rabies is almost always lethal, and it can endanger humans and dogs.

2: Buy Your Puppy Training Sessions

a large dog running on a field

Not only is training extremely beneficial, but it can also be a fun activity for you and your pup. Training your baby dog sets ground rules for behavior, fortifies your position as the pack leader, and creates a safe, orderly environment for him to thrive in. Experts recommend beginning your training as soon as possible, at 7-8 weeks, after your puppy at least begins his first set of shots.

Most classes will teach the basics, such as how to walk your dog, socialize with other dogs and humans, housebreaking skills, and how to crate train your dog. In addition, they will teach you the basic commands, such as sit, lay down, stay, and come.

During this time, your trainer will work closely with you and your pup. He/she will be able to give you valuable insight that the internet and your friends simply can’t replicate. A certified trainer can also identify and help you with beginning problem behaviors, such as chewing, barking, and anxiety.

3: Set Up a Puppy Playdate

three cute puppies playing

Socializing your puppy early on can create a well-rounded dog and a great network of human friends. Celebrate your pup by organizing a doggy playdate. Most cities have dog parks: open ranges where dogs can run free and play without a care in the world. These dog parks usually require puppies to be at least four months of age and fully vaccinated.

Before you take your pup to a dog park, research the popular opinion of the park. Dog parks can be unpredictable; you’re putting your puppy into a new environment with foreign dogs where the pack order hasn’t been established. Also, since dog parks are mostly unregulated, you may run into inattentive owners and aggressive dogs.

You can substitute a dog park with play times at your local training facility or doggy daycare. These locations are typically enclosed and monitored by trained staff. Also, social hours usually have strict vaccination and temperament requirements that all animals must abide by, ensuring the safest environment.

4: Donate to Your Local Shelter

two puppies in a cage

Celebrate puppies by assisting a cause that keeps them safe. Consider making a donation to your local animal shelter. If you’re strapped for cash, you can still donate your time as a volunteer. Even if cleaning cages doesn’t sound fun, many shelters will happily take volunteers to simply play or walk their canine guests.

Animal shelters also require many resources to operate, such as dog blankets, toys, food, and food pans. If you have lightly-used dog equipment collecting dust, considering donating it.

If there isn’t a shelter near you, consider donating to well-known animal advocacy groups, such as the Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The ASPCA is a valuable resource to puppies nationwide. They help raise awareness for abuse, offer excellent training tips, and regularly release animal-related news.

5: Spread Awareness of National Puppy Day

a cute smiling puppy

You’ll be able to identify this holiday easily by the influx of pictures and memes on social media. March 23rd is the perfect time to show off your adorable pooch and show your support for the cause. This holiday is more than pictures of puppies and pet store sales. NPD was created by Colleen Paige in 2006 to raise awareness of issues that affect puppies across the nation, such as puppy mills, animal abuse, safety, and adoption.

You can help puppies everywhere by sharing articles or joining events from participating organizations. If you’d prefer a more light-hearted approach, simply share photos of your puppy. Cute pictures of puppies not only warm hearts; they also attract people to the cause and the issues it represents.

You can share your photos on social media with #nationalpuppyday, or you can enter into a photography competition. There are several websites that offer helpful tips on how to shoot excellent photos for these competitions.

If you’re not so great at taking photos, there are several photographers that specialize in puppy photo shoots. Their creativity will create lasting memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. Just be sure to check out the legal aspect of sharing the photos on social media or in any competitions you participate in.

Putting It All Together

You can celebrate puppies every day of the year. Vaccinating and training your pup gives him a head start for a long-lasting, stable life. Socializing your puppy with puppy play dates or supervised play sessions can help him make doggy friends and become a well-rounded adult.

Whether you own a puppy or not, you can help puppies all over the nation by donating time or money to a pet organization or participating in yearly events. If you have a puppy, don’t wait; celebrate him today.

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