Your pets are like family, and you want to treat them to only the best. Filling all their needs requires finding a good pet store. Different types of pets have different needs, and you may keep more than one kind of animal as a pet. Here are six of the best pet supplies stores and some tips to help you pick the best store for your pet needs.

How to Find the Best Pet Store

#1. Location & Price

Building a relationship with the right pet store is your goal. Finding a store that has what you need at competitive prices is the first priority. Where the physical store is located, in relation to your residence is an additional question to consider.

#2. Reliability & Online Accessibility

Another important feature, and often a critical part of making the final choice, is how professional and helpful the store employees are. Researching the brands of pet supplies and how diverse a selection they offer, may be something else that matters to you. Many pet owners also like to order items online for convenience, so having access to a website is also a consideration.

#3. Large Retailers vs. Local Pet Shop

When narrowing down your choice to pick the best pet store for you and your pet, you will usually have several options. The options will frequently include a large retail chain store, and possibly a local pet shop. When considering a local store unique to your community, definitely check for customer reviews and their Better Business Bureau rating.

Once you narrow down your selections, it’ll be time to pick your first choice. To be certain you have picked the best one for your pet supplies, you can always test a couple from this list and make your own comparison.

There are two large chain pet stores, each with over 1,000 retail stores, which invariably rank at the top. Regional chains have also grown in prevalence over the last ten years, some very highly regarded. Here are the best stores selling pet supplies, beginning with the two large retail chains, progressing to some very highly regarded regional stores.

Top 6 Best Stores for Pet Supplies

#1. PetSmart

a petsmart store with pet food and supplies

With more retail stores than any other chain, PetSmart continues to rank as the most popular outlets for pet supplies. They added 144 new stores in the last year alone. Being the largest retail chain gives PetSmart the buying power to offer a diverse inventory of both brands and types of products.

They feature specific in-store sections for dozens of unique animals. As with many of the larger stores, personal attention is usually average. While PetSmart carries one of the most extensive lines of products, developing a special one-on-one relationship is not always as easy as with a local, privately owned shop.

PetSmart also boasts the most popular online pet store, according to many reviews. The sheer volume of products is alluring, and the overall buying power of PetSmart is indicated by the frequent discount coupons and assorted sales.

#2. Petco

the Petco brand logo on a Petco store

PetSmart has one serious rival for a sheer number of locations and volume of merchandise. Petco commonly ranks no less than second, and in a few instances, supplants PetSmart as one of the most popular pet supply stores.

Like their competitor, Petco has a website, where they present one of the most user-friendly online experiences of all suppliers. Each week, there are unique discounts for some pet products. If you’re in the northeast and searching on Google for pet supplies near me, The Mr. Bagel Mall in Portland is a large Petco outlet.

They divide the website according to the type of animal and do the same thing with their physical stores. Petco and PetSmart are the benchmark for retail chains and have some alluring features, one certainly being the huge variety of both brand and quantity of products.

Petco also operates under an additional franchise name, headquarters in San Diego, California. Unleashed By Petco has 84 store locations in various cities on both the west and east coast of the United States and they have recently started to unify all Petco stores.

#3. Pet Supplies Plus

a Pet Supplies Plus store from the outside

A store that has gradually developed from a more regionally dedicated chain, adding 47 new stores, is Pet Supplies Plus. Their model for success has been rooted in a fundamental customer service based theory.

Beyond just being one of the more popular suppliers of pet products, they also earned a top 200 honor in the Franchise Times best overall business. PSP placed first among the pet franchises. If a PSP store has yet to come to your part of the country, keep your eyes open. New stores are on the horizon for California, Texas, Colorado, and Florida.

#4. Petland

the Petland supply store website

With a home base in Chillicothe, Ohio, Petland currently has over 100 store locations. The number of locations is growing rapidly, in part because of their aggressive new franchise program. While that number has not dramatically increased during the last 12 months, it is in part because of the standards Petland has established for opening a new pet store using their name.

By adhering to a clear set of guiding principles for quality of pet supplies, customer service, and store location, Petland sales have actually exceeded most of the competition, even though the number of locations has grown slowly.

Petland is unique in another aspect. They are one of the few pet supplies chains that also sell pets themselves. Their model is, every pet at Petland is one of their babies.

The expansion model is also one with a direct focus on international markets. Petland’s website is extremely modern, and they are building a store model that focuses on customer comfort and exceedingly pet-friendly relationships.

#5. Woof Gang Bakery

some fancy dog treats made by the Woof Gang Bakery

If you’re looking for a uniquely special name, Woof Gang Bakery certainly meets that criteria. They also provide an outstanding selection of diverse pet supplies for each type of pet. Woof Gang Bakery currently has 80 store locations, servicing ten states. Customer service, dedicated and friendly, earned them the Retailer of the Year in Pet Product News.

The unique name is a wonderful twist, but customers should not wrongly assume Woof Gang Bakery is overly canine-focused. They do concentrate mostly on cats and dogs, offering grooming services, dog daycare facilities and on-site veterinarian care at some locations. A Woof Gang Bakery franchise opportunity is an exciting business possibility for those with a passion for pets.

#6. Phillips Pet Food & Supplies

the Phillips pet supply website

Phillips is similar to Woof Gang Bakery in that their pet supplies sell at only independent retailers. Phillips Pet Supply has been in operation since 1938, so they are not new to the industry. There are 16 strategically located distribution centers that supply pet stores, aquatic shops, grooming facilities, veterinarians, plus humane organizations.

Phillips Pet Supply frequently has pet-centered holiday events and special promotions. Their list of vendors is extensive, offering everything from food, treatments, to training and instructional presentations. Phillips Pet Food & Supplies is one of the most diverse pet suppliers with a reputation for excellent customer service.

Bottom Line

If you’ve navigated the pet supply industry looking for the one that appeals to you, you may have been overwhelmed by the number of options. This list is a great place to start your search. Give any of these suppliers a chance at your business and odds are you’ll be very pleased.

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