Pet-owner travelers are searching the great World Wide Web for the best pet friendly hotels. And, there‘s a significant number of animal-friendly places that offer great tips and benefits for making your pet’s experience unforgettable.

Also, you will locate chains of hotels far and near, which are committed to providing you with a carefree vacation. They will welcome you and your furry friend with extra comforts. Therefore, we will offer you 4 top pet friendly hotels across the United States and how to pick one.

The Best 4 Hotels You and Your Pet Can Enjoy

1. Motel 6, A Choice When Looking for Pet Friendly Hotels Near Me

Pet owners use these helpful tips to plan for the unexpected:

  • Searching for pet friendly hotels;
  • Being aware of what dog breeds are allowed;
  • Knowing what services they provide.

With that said you might call into question, Where are Motel 6 pet friendly hotels near me?

Motel 6 stretches across the United States and Canada. Its’ trademarked Studio 6 buildings charge a pet fee of $10 a night or equaling $50. Further, they do not have a size limit on pets. You may have as many as two pets per room, and there are no additional fees. These are all pet friendly hotels near you with basic rooms. Compared to many places you will search, Motel 6 offer you rooms for your expected value.

Some states cover their terms and conditions differently for each dog in comparison to service dogs. Also, management universally reserves the right to assure your animal isn’t carrying a health danger while on the property. This is why reading the Motel 6 Pet Policy, and the FAQs is important.

2. Kimpton Hotels, One of the Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains

Pet devotees, you can forget the dog sitter and book a room at Kimpton hotels pet-friendly hotel chains. While in front of many pet friendly hotels, the Kimpton lines have upheld that lead because of their organized hospitable platform.

None of their hotels charges extra regardless of the breed, size or weight. They have a second-to-none pet treatments program that started in November 2000. Staff people eagerly receive guests while simultaneously quality testing pet servings:

Maybe, you would like for one of the pet lovers to give your furry friend some of the free-food bowls. Or, you might choose one of their pet beds. If you are up late, you can also give your pet a snack from one of their rewards bars.

At the Kimpton Hotels, they get satisfaction by showing pet friendliness with desirable amenities and special services. Just reflect on the delicacies at check in and pet-friendly woofing times of the evening alone. These comforts play just a part of how they go the added distance to ensure you have a joyous stay. The Kimpton Hotels have 67 properties and different policies that you should know of.

3. La Quinta Hotels, The Results of Searching for a Pet Hotel Near Me

Have you spent enough money on pet sitters and dog boarding, up to now? Well, bring along your best friend and book into a pet-friendly hotel room.

The La Quinta pet friendly hotels are close to 900 in North America. And many of them would surprise you by not charging a pet fee. They are easy to find along major interstates, within cities and towns. Most of their pet policies begin with a welcoming of your dogs.

These hotel businesses are constantly innovating their properties to cater to pet-owner travelers from start to finish. Currently, they have a weight limit of 50 lbs. each and two pets a room each. When you search for a pet hotel near you, you’ll find their properties owned by La Quinta across the country. Many of their places don’t enforce weight checks on domestic animals. Still, you should confirm the hotel’s pet policy ahead of reservation.

4. Aloft Hotels or Places Near Me That Allow Pets

Aloft Hotels are pet-friendly but their dog policy varies per hotel. For that reason, you should check their indications before booking one of the hotels. However, you should know that they don’t require a pet deposit. But make sure your pet is on his best behavior.

dog sleeping

Before You and Your Pet Go on Vacation

  • Before leaving the house, check your pet’s ID tags. Make sure you fastened everything tightly and that the dog’s information is correct.
  • Do not try going to the hotel to reserve; do it while you’re at home. You can also get confirmation about the pet policy as well. Have all the information collected ahead of time. Have the weight of your dog and its’ breed written down.
  • Know whether you will pay a one-time fee or do it once a day. While choosing the correct room, select the base floor. As well, it’s more suitable for walking your puppy outside when necessary.
  • If you bring along the dog’s toys during the travel, it’s best to reserve a ground-room. Don’t book a room near the elevator if possible. Mysterious sounds often tempt the dog into barking.

Packing Up

The best part of going on a vacation with your dog is that these are just some of the pet friendly hotels across America. Others are out there to assist pet owners and welcome their adorable animals of all kinds through their doors. Some of them, such as the above, are affordable and attentive to your pet.

Moreover, pet traveling is increasing throughout America and Canada. As a result, more pet friendly hotels are in demand. Pet lovers who are booking these top 4 pet friendly hotels may be using other places, too.

If so, share your pet friendly hotels/tips – information by leaving your comments and other recommendations.

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