If you’re crazy about kittens, you’re not alone. These adorable fur balls have wrapped humanity around their paws since the beginning of time. From ancient Egypt to modern Japan, it’s clear people have an undeniable reverence towards cats. Luckily, creating statues and altars to cats is no longer necessary to show your appreciation.

The internet can provide a limitless resource for baby kitty pictures and videos, allowing nearly everyone to feed their obsession. This article discusses the top sources for finding pictures of kittens, from the most popular to the least.

Top 7 Sources to Find Kitten Pictures

1: YouTube

YouTube is the entertainment giant that continues to reign supreme as the top resource for kitty media. You will find that your greatest struggle with YouTube isn’t finding content; it’s finding too much. Some of the best videos made their debut on YouTube, such as “Sparta Cat” and “Surprise Kitten”, possibly the cutest kitten in the world.

Even if you’re not interested in videos, you should still consider visiting this channel. There are several slideshows of kitty pictures worth looking at. YouTube’s greatest benefit is also its greatest downfall. Since most of the content is uploaded by fellow cat-lovers, it can be difficult to filter through the plethora of slightly dull videos.

2: Pinterest

Although Pinterest is more popular for fashion and décor, it can also be the perfect place to find the cutest pictures and ideas for your kitty. Most internet users are familiar with Pinterest; it is a hobby-oriented site that allows every user to share and reshare millions of useful photos and articles.

When you find an adorable pin you like, you simply repin it to your board for viewing at a future date. Over time, you can create a completely customized album. Pinterest can also be a valuable source for finding new content. When you click on the pin, you are transferred to the original source of the photo, where more kitty pictures are waiting to be seen.

3: BuzzFeed

two small kittens outdoors

It’s hard to be a member of any social media platform without coming across a video or two from BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is a multi-faceted website with content that appeals to everyone, even kitten-lovers.

BuzzFeed scours the internet for entertaining content. Although YouTube has more content and is larger, BuzzFeed’s editorial staff ensures that their content is always worth looking at. They continuously update their threads with interesting posts like, “The 100 Most Important Kitten Photos of All Time” or “28 of the Most Ridiculously Cute Kittens of 2016.”

4: Bored Panda

Like BuzzFeed, Bored Panda is a content-driven media site with a very large presence on social media. Bored Panda covers anything unique and creative, including art, food, DIY projects, and even baby kittens. This platform’s unique user-rating system rewards diverse content that creates traffic.

This ensures that any kitty-related posts from Bored Panda are consistent and fresh. Check out this site if you enjoy baby kitty pictures with a humorous twist or want to find unique content.

5: Cheezburger

Most cat-lovers can easily recognize the “I Can Has Cheezburger Cat.” This meme was created in 2007; since then it has gone viral and even inspired the name for Cheezburger. This site is a hot spot for anything cat-related. It’s driven by fellow kitten-lovers and features memes, photos, GIFs, and videos dedicated to the cutest or most hilarious cats on the planet. If you plan on visiting Cheezburger, check out their popular Lolcats section. You won’t regret it.

The enthusiasm and user-base of Cheezburger ensure regularly updated, unique pictures. However, most of the content on this site is humor-related and is better suited for an older audience.

6: Animal Planet

If you’re concerned about colorful content, check out Animal Planet’s website. Animal Planet is a television network owned by Discover Communications that focuses on animal-related documentaries, informational programs, and entertainment.

Although some of the content of these shows will need parental supervision, the website content lacks the adult undertones found at digital media sites. In addition to adorable photos, Animal Planet regularly posts videos. Recently, Animal Planet partnered with the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, DC to create a live kitty cam. This live feed gives you 24-hour coverage of kittens at the shelter as they play, yowl, and sleep.

7: Vetstreet

a man looking at a kitten

Vetstreet isn’t a typical digital media site, but they offer plenty of cute photos as well as valuable information. Vetstreet was launched in 2011 with the intent to give pet owners the resources needed to properly care for their furry friends. Since its conception, Vetstreet has published thousands of articles approved by veterinarians and other experts in the field.

If you own a baby cat or are thinking about adopting one, Vetstreet can answer many of the questions on your mind, such as when do kittens open their eyes, what vaccinations they require, and how to care for kittens.

Aside from great information, Vetstreet regularly posts entertaining articles dedicated to baby kitties. The pictures in these articles are typically professional-grade and can be more kid-friendly than other media sites. If you enjoy a specific breed of cat, you can also check out the Vetstreet’s breed reviews. These articles host breed-specific pictures that are hard to find on other media sites.

Let’s Recap

If you can’t get enough of baby cats, you’re not alone. Endlessly inquisitive and playful, kittens are a pop culture phenomenon that can stir even the coldest heart. For a wide range of videos and pictures, visit YouTube. Pinterest can be a great resource for finding more sources, as well as creating your own kitty photo album.

For content filtered for entertainment, check out Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, and Cheezburger. Animal Planet offers a live cam as well as several articles and pictures. Vetstreet focuses primarily on the care of your cat. However, it still offers beautiful professional pictures of exotic kittens. If you feel that we have missed an important source, please share your favorite websites below.

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