To many people around the world, dogs are members of the family. You treat them with love and respect; having the desire to give them the best life possible. Giving your dog human food seems to come with the territory. But what are safe foods dogs can eat? And what are foods dogs can’t eat?

If you’re a dog lover and wondering what foods can dogs eat, the following information can help you give your furry friend some of the best foods, without putting them at risk. This list of foods dogs can eat is ranked by which foods seem to be the most popular among our furry companions.

The Healthiest and Safest Foods Dogs Can Eat

1. Poultry

According to the American Kennel Club, poultry can be completely safe to give to your dog. There are a few stipulations, however. The poultry should be plain, without seasoning. Garlic should especially be left off, as it is one of the foods dogs absolutely cannot eat. Also, be sure there are no bones attached to the meat.

No different than humans, poultry can provide your dog with an amazing amount of protein.

2. Peanut Butter

You probably haven’t met a dog that doesn’t enjoy peanut butter. It’s one of the most common foods dogs can eat. Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein. Also, it contains heart-healthy fats.

Some peanut butters do contain a sugar substitute called xylitol, which is not on the list of what human foods can dogs eat. So, it’s best to look for a peanut butter that is raw and unsalted.

3. Pork

If you’re like most people, you love pork/ham and you want to share with your favorite pet. Pork is an acceptable food to feed your dog, as it is packed with amino acids and is a highly digestible protein.

It is also one of the least likely foods to cause any kind of allergic reactions in your dog.

4. Fish

Fish is certainly on the list of foods dogs can eat. But it shouldn’t be given more than twice a week. The fish should always be completely cooked, and every single bone should be absent from fish like sardines. This food is loaded with vitamins that are good for your dog’s health, especially calcium.

Fish naturally contains amino acids and good fats that can give your dog a much-needed health boost. Fish can be extremely good for our younger dogs, especially if you’re wondering how long before puppies can eat dog food.

5. Honey

This sweet treat is one of the easiest ways to add tons of healthy vitamins to your dog’s diet. As one of the most beneficial foods dogs can eat, you can add honey to almost anything. It contains a slew of healthy vitamins and antioxidants, in addition to having the ability to help with your dog’s allergies.

Not only is this a healthy, safe food, but it can also be used for cuts and burns your dog may receive.

6. Eggs

According to Cesar Milan, eggs are one of the most popular and safest treats for your dog. You never want to give your dog an egg that isn’t cooked all the way. But a scrambled or hard-boiled egg can give your furry friend an extremely high protein boost. Eggs are extremely easy to digest, and dogs can’t seem to resist them. As far as foods dogs can eat, what dog wouldn’t want a delicious omelet?

7. Yogurt

While many people would like to give their dogs ice cream, that treat unfortunately makes it onto the what foods can dogs not eat list. But if you’re looking for a creamy, healthy treat for your companion, yogurt is the way to go.

Yogurt can be refrigerated or frozen. Also, it is rich with active bacteria that helps strengthen digestive systems in both humans and pets. It also contains a generous amount of protein and calcium. You’ll want to stay away from yogurts that contain artificial sweeteners, however, as those are not healthy for dogs.

golden retriever drinking

8. Cheese

This snack can be a little trickier than some of the other foods dogs can eat. According to I Heart Dogs, there is a relatively high percentage of dogs that are lactose intolerant. Of course, if your dog starts showing signs of intolerance to dairy products, do not try this healthy snack. Also, before offering your dog some cheese, make sure that it does is not intolerant to lactose. You check this by paying the vet a visit.

If your dog handles lactose products perfectly fine, cheese is high in calcium and protein. It is an easily digestible food, but should only be given in tiny amounts as it can bind a dog up if given in massive quantities.

9. Carrots

Carrots are both low in calories and high in fiber and vitamin A. For those reasons, this vegetable is one of the healthiest foods dogs can eat. Even chewing on the carrot itself can be great for your dog, as it is for their teeth.

Carrots tend to be a favorite snack for dogs that may need to go on a diet because of its very low-calorie content.

10. Green Beans

This is another healthy, safe snack to add to the foods dogs can eat list. Just like carrots, they are low in calories, making it an excellent snack for our more overweight pets. Green beans are also very high in fiber, making them easily digestible and good for a dog’s digestion.

They are incredibly filling, which makes them an ideal snack if you’re looking to help your dog lose some weight.

Wrapping Up the Dinner

This list of the best and safest foods dogs can eat can help you give your dog some delicious snacks that also offer them tremendous health benefits. If you’re looking for healthy and safe options to give your dog, these foods represent a fantastic place to start.

Feel free to try any of the foods on this list! Then, we invite you to share your experiences with giving your furry friend any of these healthy foods.

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