If your kid has been begging for a pet, but he’s got allergies, one of the easiest ways to satisfy that longing for another living creature is getting a great fish tank and filling it with some fun, fresh water fish. Generally speaking, fish are pretty easy to take care of, and though they may shed, it will never be fur that clogs up the vacuum.

Check out freshwater fish and fish tanks and decide if this is good direction for your family.

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The Best Fresh Water Fish for First-Time Fish Owners

You’re probably familiar with a variety of pet fish like the goldfish, Betta fish, and maybe the Koi fish that look kind like giant gold fish that swim around in pools at the Japanese garden.

The truth is, though, that these fish aren’t necessarily the easiest to care for, and there are some other varieties that make for better first timers, since they’re a little more durable. A quick list includes:

  • Bronze Catfish

  • Gold Cory Catfish

  • Bandit Cory Catfish

  • Spotted Cory Catfish

  • Panda Cory Catfish

  • Celebes Rainbowfish

  • Boseman’s Rainbowfish

  • Neons Rainbowfish

  • Scissortail Rasboras

  • Harlequin Rasboras

  • Zebra Danios

  • Pearl Danios

  • Gold Barbs

  • Rosy Barbs

  • Ruby Barbs

  • Cherry Barbs

  • Purple Barbs

  • Tico Barbs

  • Of course, if you’re interested in going a bit more exotic, you could get a fresh water puffer fish. Just beware of the fact that they don’t do well with other fish. They hunt the other fish, or don’t survive because they’re not fast enough to catch their food. Ask some experts about caring for them before investing in these fun, though sometimes difficult to keep fresh water exotics.