Ferrets are some of the cutest, cuddliest, friendliest little critters around. They love people, they love other animals, and they keep their owners in stitches with their silly antics. We love ferrets. Seriously — ferrets are awesome pets, and they deserve great ferret cages. A great place to live and play.

What is a Ferret?

If you’re considering different pet types for your family, you should definitely look into ferrets. These adorable creatures, often called “fuzzies” or “carpet sharks” by their owners because of their soft, fuzzy fur, and ridiculous and fun frolicking habits are always fun to have around.

Ferrets are actually a domesticated member of the European polecat family. These fuzzy little creatures are cousins to weasels, and come in a variety of colors. Some are brown, white, black, or have a mix of these colors.

These little guys tend to sleep a lot — like 14 to 18 hours of the day. Ferrets are nocturnal, and so prefer playtime after dark. They’re very social animals, and love living with other ferrets, as well as playing with humans and other animals.

Ferrets are obligate carnivores, which means that they’re entirely carnivorous, and should not be fed grains or other fillers common in most pet foods. Be sure to read labels for ferret food before buying any, and make sure they’re high in protein and low in starch.

What Accessories do Ferrets Need?

These adorable, happy animals need some room to play. They love burrowing and hiding out in things, and are known for scrambling through peoples’ shirts and nestling into collars and hoodies to keep warm and close to their favorite human.

Because of the playful nature of ferrets, they need some toys, good places to play, and, of course, ferret cages. Some of the accessories you should consider for your ferret include:

  • Playpens
  • Ferret cages (mandatory)
  • Ladders, ropes, and other objects for climbing
  • Ferret shampoo
  • Treats
  • Food
  • Water and food dishes
  • Some kind of burrow or “cave”
  • Balls
  • Tunnels
  • Plush toys
  • Ferret litter & pan

Why Should you Browse Ferret Cages?

Of course, you have to have a cage or habitat for your fuzzy. He’s got to have someplace to live. But a playpen is also strongly recommended for your ferret pal, to help keep him active, playful, and happy.

Playpens allow free play, as well as safety for your carpet shark against the rest of the house, including other animals.

You can set up your ferret playpen, put some tubes or tunnels in, toss in some other toys like plushies or balls, and then let your fuzzy free.

He’ll go nuts over all the play things, and stay happy for hours. Just be sure to stick around for interaction with him, and to keep an eye on him for safety’s sake.

Ferret Nation Cages

ferret nation ferret cages

We love Ferret Nation Cages, habitats, and homes. We think you can’t really get better than these guys on quality and design.

The Ferret Nation Cage is usually the top ranked ferret cage on review sites. 

This expandable cage is easy to add on as your ferret grows and needs more space to roam. You can start with one level, that has a solid surface floor, and each level after also has a solid surface floor. Ramps lead between the levels, as you expand.

You’ll get a base, built with locking casters to securely anchor your ferret cage to one spot, and a built-in storage shelf allows you to store food, litter, treats, extra toys, tunnels, or tubes safely nearby.

And, by the way, the floors slip out easily for cleaning, which is a huge bonus in our book.

All about Ferret Playpens

marshall ferret cages

We mentioned earlier that we think you should get a playpen, too.

Ferret cages are critical, but a playpen can really increase your ferret’s quality of life. The simplest playpen idea is something like the Marshall Ferret Playpen that comes with 11 panels that easily set up. You can shrink or grow the playpen area, based upon your home space or your ferret’s needs.

Ferret Nation also has their own playpens, which actually can double as ferret cages. If you’re not able to expand to quite so many accessories right now, you might want to consider one of these ferret cage/playpen combinations instead.

A Safe and Happy Ferret

The safest way to keep your fuzzy healthy and happy is by bringing home a great ferret cage where he can sleep in his own cave or plush bag.

They need warm, dark places for snoozing, but they need lots of space to run and play when it’s playtime. Consider a Ferret Nation cage or playpen. You won’t regret that you did.