Funny image of dog holding books on animal training, an apple for teacher and sign saying welcome to obedience schoolWhy Your Dog Needs Obedience School

A dog is said to be man’s best friend.

Having it around is fun, and it provides more than the security. In fact, dogs provide better companionship than many people in your life.

Training your pet is the best thing you can do for your puppy. An obedience school will offer your dog various skills that will come in handy in your household.

It not about doing tricks! It’ll help the dog to be obedient to its owner once it gets a command.
And just like human beings, dogs differ in learning new skills at different ranges. It is, therefore, prudent to ensure that your puppy goes through the best dog training. Get a reputable obedience school – you need to enjoy the value for your money.

Before Taking Your Dog to an Obedience School Here’s What You Need to Do

1. Choose Your Dog’s Name Wisely
Of course, you would love to have a catchy name for your dog. But ensure you also get a name that your dog will love.
For effective training, get a unique and short name that ends with a consonant to make sure that your puppy hears it.
Names such as Jack, Jasper, and Spot will perk up the puppy’s ears.

2. Decide On the House Rules
Before getting the puppy to the obedience school, think of what he can and cannot do. Is the house of the limit? Is he allowed in bed? Is the puppy allowed on the dining table?
Such questions will help the obedience school know what exactly what you expect from a dog.

3. Set Up a Private Kennel for Your Dog
It is advisable to get your dog a private kennel. It will help in making him relax and feel more comfortable and free at home.

It is also a great way of house training. Make sure that he also has his dog stuff that no other pet can use.

Benefits of Enrolling Your Dog to an Obedience School

training in a club of canine obedience with purebred dogs

1. Easy Management
At obedience schools, dogs get trained on basic commands such as stay, sit, drop, run, pick, among many others. It, therefore, makes it easy for you to manage and handle your dog.

This means that you can easily control your dog for events such as dog shows and other dog sports. Moreover, who wouldn’t want a disciplined dog to be part of the family?

The simple things like being docile to visitors, walking safely, and responding to requests are some of the desired behaviors that get taught in the obedience classes.

2. Social and Friendly Dogs

Socialization is a significant aspect of a dog’s life. At an obedience school, a dog will be able to learn how to respond to other dogs and learn the acceptable and non-acceptable behaviors in the “dog language”.
It is important for him to learn how to get along with other dogs. During walks, your dog will tend to meet people and other dogs and these social skills will come in handy.

3. Safety

Although animals are unpredictable, having a well-trained dog will save you a great deal in reducing the risk of attacking strangers and other dogs. Obedience school is useful for the safety visitors at home.
Moreover, when you are in danger, a trained dog will be able to respond to your cry for help and this may save your life or that of a family member – more reasons why your needs obedience school.

4. Fun and Knowledge

The obedience training is quite fun; for both you and the dog. The exercises are stimulating! Some of the activities involved include exhibitions, club meetings, seminars, and dog competitions. You just can’t miss out on this!
There are always new skills that your dog will learn, and an obedience school is the perfect place for this. An obedience school will also give you the opportunity of learning new techniques of bonding with your dog. The trainers will also give you great insights on managing your dog.

5. Closer Bond with Your Dog

A well-trained, obedient, relaxed and happy dog is always a joy to the owner. With such a dog, you have the confidence of taking him out for a walk and doing other fun activities. These activities will bring you closer to your dog. The closer you are, the more he will be able to respond to your commands effectively.

Obedience School is the Way to Go

Taking your dog for the obedience training is the greatest gift you can give to your beloved pet. It is, however, important to consult with your local veterinary first. Sometimes your dog might be misbehaving because it’s sick.
By taking care of your dog, it will take care of you in return. And remember that old dogs can still manage to learn new tricks – age doesn’t matter.