Dog walking is a fun way to spend time with your pet, and it is great for fitness as well. When the weather is nice and warm outside, taking your canine friend for a walk in the park or around the block breaks the monotony of staying indoors through the cold season.

Running around in an open space, throwing Frisbees, and interacting with other dog lovers is an ideal hobby for some people. However, dog walking doesn’t come easily to everyone. Even when you have been at it for years, some things may still frustrate you. Learning some of the basics can help you prepare a walk for a dog adequately. Besides the fundamentals, this guide looks at some popular apps that can help with your dog walking adventures.

Walking Dog Frequency: How Often Is Healthy?

How often you take your dog for a walk depends on several factors. For one, the breed of the dog will determine how much you walk it. Some dogs require more walks than others. However, a pet parent should ensure that a dog walks at least once a day for about fifteen minutes. Regardless of the breed, you must make certain that your pet has a healthy physical, social, and mental health, and walking provides that.

  • Of course, if the animal has weight issues then you can expect to have a more hectic dog walking routine.
  • The weather is another element that will determine how often your dog goes for walks. A warm climate is beautiful. But too much heat will wear the animal down. When it’s too cold, you may walk your pet once to prevent it from gaining weight.
  • Working and herding dogs have very high energy levels; and so, they can walk for longer. Walking such dog breeds frequently ensures that they have a healthy way of dispensing all the built-up
  • Bulldogs and Pugs are some of the breeds that tire quickly. Therefore, you should ask the vet how often they need walks.
  • In the case of previous injuries or health conditions, walking the dog may interfere with healing or cause other injuries, so check with your vet.
  • The age of your dog also factor in- geriatric dogs require short walks because they tire quickly.

Top 5 Dog Apps to Consider

1. Walk for a Dog

This dog walking app allows you to take your canine friend for some fresh air while supporting a noble cause. The tool monitors the distance you travel with your dog and then donates money to an organization. Of course, you get to choose which animal shelter or charity you wish to support. It offers a choice of over 6,000 organizations that need help with their missions.

The app’s interface is very simple and displays your dog walking details. First, you indicate which dog you are walking then pick the cause. iTunes and Google Play sell this app, which stores your dog walking history for thirty days.

2. Whistle

The Whistle dog walking app is ideal if your canine young one loves to get away from you when out on walks. This app comes with a wearable collar device that allows you to track the animal’s location and heart rate. In the event your dog wanders off in the park, the GPS tracking will broadcast its position from anywhere.

The heart rate monitor allows you to schedule your dog’s workout routines to suit him or her. If your pet has multiple caretakers, you can add them in the app’s account. Available on Play Store and iTunes, the Whistle app doesn’t come cheap.

3. Companion

The Companion app is suitable for pet owners who have security concerns when going dog walking. Maybe your neighborhood is not very safe, or the park is a distance away. Whatever the challenge, Companion lets you have other users walk with you virtually. You can add companions who live close by or who know you.

There are two buttons; one for Call Police and another for I Feel Nervous. These buttons come in handy in the instance an emergency arises. If your phone drops, the app gives you 15 seconds to respond if you are fine before sending an alert to your companions. Google Play and iTunes have the app ready for download.

4. Map My Dog Walk

MapMyDgWalk is another app that you can get from Google Play store or iTunes to help when walking your dog. This tool is suitable for a first-time dog walker. It contains routes from different pet parents in your vicinity. In case you are unfamiliar with the region, you can select the path that best serves your dog walking needs.

These routes show the distance covered, and you can even bookmark your favorite maps. If you find one of your own, it is possible to add it in the app. The application also offers a list of the most popular dog parks. So it saves you time trying to find one. Besides, you can find locations in the neighborhood that are dog-friendly, check for water fountains, and waste bag dispensers with it. All these details simplify your dog walking activities and minimize trial and error for beginners.

Dog walking in leash

5. Pet First Aid American Red Cross

Accidents during dog walking are not uncommon. Consequently, some pet owners are caught off guard without a hint of where to start. This app is a valuable investment for any pet parent. You can learn about the signs of common dog conditions. For instance, you can look up why my dog is walking sideways and falling over.

The videos available on the application are useful when you want to learn a few first aid steps. Besides the ABCs of doggy first aid, you can check out specific ailments such as bite wounds, allergic reactions and bloating. The app can also locate the nearest animal hospital or call a vet when your canine friend is in trouble.

To the Leash

Dog walking is only enjoyable if you know how to go about it correctly. Finding the right leash, locations, and adequate preparation will get you a long way. You can also have several dog walking applications to simplify some of the tasks.

Are you using any dog walking tool? How effective has it been so far?

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