15 week old ragdoll kitten

There is something about cats with blue eyes that are so captivating – it’s certainly true in humans and with animals it is no different.
Cats are generally cute to have around, just ask a cat lover. However, cats with blue eyes are a little different. Blue eyes add a little bit of charm to an already cute pet.

This eye color does not only belong to a particular cat breed, but can also be found evenly distributed in all breeds, especially the ones with white fur. The blue eyes trait can also be present in both male and female cats.
But what causes these blue eyes?

One interesting tidbit that many people don’t realize is that cats with blue eyes don’t really have blue eyes as an eye color. Rather, it’s the absence of melanin in their iris.

Without melanin pigment in their eyes, light refracts through the rounded shaped eye surface and produces a blue color. For this reason, goggles for cats with blue eyes are not only for style, but they could also help protect your cat’s eyes from too much UV rays.

The Ragdoll: Perfect Cats with Blue Eyes

Among the blue-eyed cats is an especially interesting cat called the Ragdoll.
Known for its beauty, playfulness, and loyalty, the ragdoll is the perfect companion for people looking for a playful yet devoted cat pet. One thing that sets the ragdoll cat far apart from its blue-eyed counterparts is its dog-like conduct and behavior.

With an estimated growth of up to 20lbs and an insatiable craving for attention and play, this is one “cat-dog” that never get tired. It’s no surprise that many people refer to the ragdoll as the cat that thinks it’s a dog.

All You Need to Know About the Ragdoll

1. Big Appearance
With a large round head, protruding cheekbones and a wide chest, the ragdoll is one of the biggest domestic cat breeds in the world. The biggest ragdoll evercats with blue eyes - the ragdoll recorded weighed 30lbs which actually the same size as many dogs.
Characterized by a deep fur similar to that of huskies, the color of the fur varies from cream point to lilac and chocolate. In many aspects, ragdoll resembles huskies, and from afar, you can mistake them for baby huskies especially if you find a ragdoll on a leash taking a walk with its owner. Yes, it does happen.

2. Personality
Another adorable thing, apart from the beauty, that makes the ragdoll so adorable is their character. These cats have a great “purrsonality” that is characterized by fun and mischief, just like many dogs. They love playing with toys, follow their owners around, and at times seem to understand our lame sense of humor.
Just like dogs, ragdolls love to play fetch, snuggle, and simply curl up on their owner’s feet. They make the ideal pets for small children, especially for parents who don’t trust the temperament of a dog near the children but still want a sizeable pet for their children.
Their total non-aggressiveness makes them one of the most docile cat breeds in the world. The ragdoll is a good breed to have in your home. Get one today!

3. Madly Loyal
One thing dog enthusiasts love about their pet dogs is the loyalty accorded to them by their pets. For starters, dogs are the most loyal animals on earth to their owners.
If you are looking for a cat that will fall madly in love with you, the ragdoll is that cat. However, to make this happen, ensure you are the first person it will identify with. Just like any other dog, a ragdoll should grow up knowing and acknowledging you as its owner.
Ragdolls have often been described by cat lovers as incredibly addictive because of their fun nature and loyalty. It’s that type of a pet that will wait to get back home after a long day at work, happily jump on you, and chatter in cat language all night long. You cannot find a more “dog-like” cat anywhere else.

4. Temperament
When marketing the ragdoll, temperament is usually one of the key factors that marketers use to attract pet buyers. Opinions vary as to whether their docility could be genetically mutated or not.
Also, the extreme docility of these particular cats has led to some claims that ragdolls could also be a pain reliever. Ragdolls’ affectionate and intelligent nature cupped with a calm temperament accords them the title “dog-like” or “puppy-cats”.

Also, the fact that you can train them to do some tricks or response to a command – something they enjoy doing – makes it even more evident that these cats are dogs. Or not!

Get Your Cat With Blue Eyes Today! You Won’t Regret It
If you like both cats and dogs, the ragdoll is a perfect choice for you.
Their presence in your home is just captivating – especially the blue eyes. This will be a good addition to your beautiful family.