For some of us, a cat or pet stroller seems like an unusual idea. Maybe you’ve never even heard of one
before, and only came across this article by accident. Either way, if you’ve got a cat who you’d love to
keep safe but want to open up the outdoor world, too. A cat stroller is something you should consider.

Why Consider a Cat Stroller

For those new to city living with a pet, a cat stroller might seem like an odd idea. In fact, you might
never have heard of such a thing, and don’t know what the benefits would be.

Here are the five reasons we recommend a stroller for your cat in the city or suburbs.

1. Freedom for Fluffy

Cats love the outdoors. And if you live in the city, it’s not very safe to let your cats go back and forth
from inside to the outside. A cat stroller allows your cat to ride in comfort and safety outdoors.

2. Paw Health

Concrete can be rough on a cat’s paws, just as it can be on your feet. Hot sidewalks in the summer can
harm your cat’s pads, or unseen rubbish or rock salt can injure their feet any time of the year.

3. Protection against Other Animals

Most cats are pretty tough, but if you cross paths with a large or aggressive dog, your cat’s safety is at
risk. A cat stroller gives a barrier between your cat and any other animal that comes across your path.

4. Aging or Ailing Cats

By the time your kitty reaches the ripe old age of 10, he’s probably not as spry anymore. A cat stroller
can help an older, ill, or injured cat enjoy the outdoors without getting winded or exposed to further

5. Ease of Use

A cat stroller can be a lot easier to deal with than a pet carrier. This can come in handy for taking your
kitty to the vet or over to your friend’s house if you have to leave your cat while you’re out of town.

What are the Best Pet Strollers?

1. Gen7 Pets Promenade

The Gen7 Pets Promenade is an all-terrain stroller that’s great for taking your little furbabies out for
walks across lawns, gardens, trails, or gravel paths. This stroller has both front and rear entry for your
pets and can carry up to fifty pounds of furry friends.

Features for your convenience include a tray with two cup holders, a reversible machine-washable pad,
easy storage, and easy assembly.

2. Paws and Pals 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger

If you’re the cat mama who loves to take her girls out for a jog, this stroller is a great choice. It’s a sturdy
stroller, built for daily use, and has two cup holders, a large storage space, and is super easy to store
away after use.

The 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger has a front and rear entry, a retractable rain-hood, and comes in a variety of
colors like red, purple, blue, and black.

3. Oxgord Paws and Pals City Walk

This foldable cat stroller is perfect for everyday use. It’s well-padded, proves reliable, and is large
enough for two cats. This stroller has two cup holders and a large storage compartment beneath the
stroller body. A retractable water-resistant rain hood and lots of mesh screening will keep your cat safe
and happy on long walks.

4. Vivo 3 Wheel Pet Stroller

This fun little stroller has the capacity to hold up to 30 pounds of kitty. If you’ve got a couple of cats to
take out for a stroll together, the compartment on the Vivo 3 Wheel Pet Stroller is large and comfortable
enough to do so.

The Vivo 3 Wheel Pet Stroller has easy zipper access points, folds up easily, and provides you with both a
storage tray with two cup holders and a large storage space beneath the stroller body for carrying
anything you and the felines might need while out and about.

5. Pet Gear Special Edition Pet Stroller

This pet stroller was ranked number one by users on This pet stroller is a no-zip entry
stroller and comes in a variety of colors. The stroller is made of a water-resistant material, which your cat
will surely appreciate, and has front swivel wheels that make navigating rough patches of sidewalk, trail,
or grassy fields easy. This stroller should work for any cat since it is designed for pets up to 45 pounds.

If your cat loves the outdoors, and we know he does, a cat stroller is a great way to allow your kitty
access to the outside world in a safely contained environment. Pet strollers help keep cats safe from
hazards on the roadways, other animals and are helpful for ailing or elderly cats. Our top five choices
cover a range of stroller types and should provide you with direction for finding the right one for you.