If you’re considering getting a small pet for your family, you should consider getting a guinea pig. These awesome little fur balls, called cavies, are adorable, gentle, and very friendly.

What is a Guinea Pig?

What is a Guinea Pig?

A guinea pig is a small, furry critter native to the Andes Mountains of South America. They belong to the Caviidae family. They are not pigs, but are technically rodents, and are actually estimated to be the first domesticated rodents kept for pets.

Why do Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets?

Why do Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets?

Guinea pigs are great pocket pets. These small, furry creatures don’t take up a lot of room, yet bring a lot of pleasure and cuddle time for kids and adults. These little furries have been pets since the mid-16th Century when they were first imported to Europe as a novel creature.


Unlike other small animals, guinea pigs are hardy. They can tough through a lot of things and don’t tend to get ill as often as other, more delicate species of rodents and small animals.


Guinea pigs make great pets because they’re very gentle, easy to care for, do well with children, and both purr and pop up happily, with regular happy squeals to let you know they’re doing well and feeling happy.

What Kinds of Accessories do Guinea Pigs Need?

 Guinea Pigs Need?

When you get a new guinea pig, you’re going to need some basic supplies.

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  • A guinea pig cage
  • Food dish or bowl
  • Water bottle or bowl
  • Bedding
  • Food
  • Hay
  • Guinea pig friendly Vitamin C supplements
  • Hutch
  • Playpen or play area — optional, but great for getting some exercise for your new pal

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The Best Guinea Pig Cages

The Best Guinea Pig Cages

We found some of the top guinea pig cages for you to consider trying out for your new furry pal.

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Choice 1 — Midwest Critter Nation with Stand

Choice 2 — Sue’s C and C Cages

Choice 3 — Living World Deluxe Habitat

Choice 4 — Ferplast Guinea Pig Cage

Finding the Perfect Cage

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Of course, before you buy any cage, you should read reviews, and make sure that the cage you’re looking at will fit your needs. Take into consideration things like ease of cleaning, how easily your kids will be able to get the guinea pig out, and how much space the cage will take up.