By looking at the worldwide growth in the pet industry we all know that we love are pets. In a recent independent study, it was shown that pet owners would prefer interacting with their pet more than actual humans by a ratio of 10:1. We totally just made that up but you get the picture. Us pet fans are a little nuts.

Pets Are The Best caters to your inner or outer pet need. Dogs, Cats, Ferrets and reptiles are our specialty but we love them all and you’re certainly welcome to share your pet stories, pictures, videos etc., with us.

We are a pet site started by a bunch of pet nuts so keep us tuned in, we will be giving you advice, stories, favorite tools and food and articles from experts in the field. No question is too nuts….well some maybe but we’ll let you know when you cross the line. Thanks for finding us and taking the time to read we hope you come back often.

From all of us @ petsarethebest.net