10 Pug Gears Every Dog Owner Needs to Have

You are probably intending to welcome a furry companion to your household. But what items should you have for it?
Whether it is your first time to get a dog or an addition to your exotic breed, be sure you have all the right dog stuff. It does not matter if you are adopting an old pet from the shelter or buying a new puppy from the breeder, dogs of all ages require the same basic dog stuff.
Have a look at this list of things to ensure you have all you need to have an exciting experience with your new friend.

Essential Pug Gears Your Dog Needs

1. Dog Bed
Dog beds come in different styles – from orthopedic foam to thin pads to soft and loosely padded pillows. The prices will vary too. Note that your pet’s favorite sleeping place will not be based on a fancy label or price but on how the bed suits his idea of comfort.
Once you have identified the kind of bed suitable for your dog, ensure that it is large enough to allow your beloved pet relax even when stretching out. The bed needs to be washable, or its cover should be removable and washable.

2. Food Bowl
Your pet needs to eat to grow and stay healthy. It essential to have a familiar food bowl you’re your dog’s meals. Some dogs, especially puppies, can mistake plastic bowls for toys and may keep knocking the food over.
Consider a large ceramic bowl, preferably a dishwasher-safe one.

large dog food bow woof

3. Quality Food
This may seem obvious, but most people wait until they get the pet and then choose the type of food to purchase. Because you already know the dog you intend to bring home, make life easier by having nutrient-dense dog food ready at your home before your new companion arrives.
If you get a puppy, feed them with puppy food because their nutritional needs vary from grown dogs – they need extra nutrients and energy. Grown pugs will also need a proper blend of vitamins, proteins, and minerals to stay healthy. The quality of food should come first.

4. Water Bowl
Other than taking food, your dog needs water. Get a separate dish for drinking water so that your dog won’t confuse both dishes. A ceramic bowl is ideal and should always have fresh water. Ensure to clean it frequently.

5. Leash
A dog leash (also called a lead) connects a dog to its owner. It is the pet’s safety line for keeping the dog out of harm’s way.
A leash will help you guide your dog away from distractions as you take a walk in the park.

6. Identification Tags
A personalized pet identification tag is a must-have item. If your pet was to go missing, this tag would help them find their way back home because of the information you have engraved on the tag.
Your dog can’t say who his owner is, where he lives, or his owner’s phone number. A collar that has the dog’s name, your name, and contact details will help someone easily contact you in case your dog goes missing.
You can also include other details such as your address, social media handles, and other additional phone numbers. This identification tags must be placed on the dog’s collar, particularly the collar he wears every day.

dog tags customized


7. Collar
Leather dog collars with buckles are suitable for keeping his ID tags on always. The collar needs to be sturdy, and metal buckles should not break easily. Many dogs get injured or lost with plastic buckles clips and nylon collars; they aren’t reliable.

8. Harness
When taking your dog for a walk on a leash, it is necessary to use a harness rather than a neck collar. A neck collar will put a lot of painful strain on the trachea or neck muscles of your pet.
You will find many types of harnesses including chest, body or face harnesses. A harness assists in giving even pressure as well as aid with pulling problems.

9. Poop Bags
While away from home with your dog, you won’t want to make others uncomfortable with the dog poop. You can use a poop bag to pick up all the dog stool. This helps to keep the environment clean.
Don’t be that guy who’ll leave dog poop all over the place.

dog scooping poop

10. Chews
All dogs have a genetic urge to chew throughout their lives. Chewing gives your pet a full-time job – he is kept busy. They come in different interesting shapes that your dog will definitely love including bones, hooves, rawhides and bully sticks.
In case your dog has stomach upset, consider alternative chews made from cheese, yam, antler bone, runner, nylon, cornstarch and sweet potato.

Get Your Dog These Pug Gears Today

All these are must-have dog stuff every pet owner needs to have around the house. Having these items helps you keep your pet safe and happy throughout their life.