8 Pet Adoption Centers and Events to Look Over

Researchers have found that owning a pet is good for people’s physical and mental health. Children...
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Homemade Cat Toy 101: 10 Fun DIY Projects and Cat Toy Apps to Try

While playful cats seem great at entertaining themselves, the truth is that cats can and do get...
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Puppy Mills, Why They Are Bad and How to Tell If a Puppy Comes from One

If our past is any indication, humans have not been too kind to animals in general, and Puppy...
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Pet Emergency? How to Find a Clinic or Hospital and What to Expect

Every pet owner hopes that the time will never come when their pet needs emergency help. However,...
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Homemade Dog Toys 101: Top 9 DIY Options to Try

Like children, dogs love to have fun with toys. Dog toys save your furniture and shoes from being...
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Having a Ferret for a Pet: What You Can Expect

Taking any new pet into your home is a big decision and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. One...
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How to Choose a Good Spay and Neuter Clinic and What to Expect

These days, most responsible pet owners choose to have their pets spayed and neutered. However,...
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Pet Insurance 101: The Main Types and How to Choose Yours

Vet bills are one of the biggest expenses of pet ownership. No pet is immune to injury or a...
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Top 5 Good Pets for Kids and Why They're Good Choices

Having a pet growing up is a unique childhood experience. Helping take care of a household pet can...
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What Makes Cats with Blue Eyes so Interesting

There is something about cats with blue eyes that are so captivating – it's certainly true in humans and with animals it is no different. Cats are generally cute to have around, just ask a cat lover. However, cats with blue eyes are a little different. Blue eyes add a...

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10 Pug Gears Every Dog Owner Needs to Have

10 Pug Gears Every Dog Owner Needs to Have You are probably intending to welcome a furry companion to your household. But what items should you have for it? Whether it is your first time to get a dog or an addition to your exotic breed, be sure you have all the right...

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Emotional Support Animals: All You Need To Know

Emotional support animals (also called ESA dogs) can do wonders for those of us who suffer from depression, PTSD, and other conditions. Chances are, you're here because you've heard about emotional support animals and want to know more. For many struggling with mental...

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